Islamorada Sailfish Charters

Islamorada Sailfish Charters


8 hours • 42′ Liberty • Up to 6 people

You say you have never hooked a sailfish? Well, come to Islamorada and experience the thrill of a lifetime! Book your Sailfish Charters with DirtyBoat in the Florida Keys.


Sailfish are the acrobats of the sea. And sailfish never give up, leaping and twisting and diving and leaping again. You simply will not believe your eyes. Not every charter captain in the Florida Keys has the know-how to hunt these graceful creatures. Captain Kit Carson’s DirtyBoat out of Islamorada has put many an angler, experienced and not so experienced, young and old and in between, onto these pelagic wonders.


Our Islamorada Sailfish Charters

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to book one of our Islamorada sailfish charters. It’s easier to fish for sailfish during the winter season because they’re not as deep as usual. There’s just not telling how many sailfish you can hook at the right time. DirtyBoat has hauled in as many as 15 sailfishes in one outing.


We offer high-class sailfish charters on the DirtyBoat in Islamorada. The air-conditioned 42-foot Liberty Express is roomy, handles the seas well, and provides a tournament style rigged vessel. Live bait is the key to catching sailfish in Islamorada. Come experience a world-class charter trip, with a world-class captain. Captain Kit will work hard to make your sailfish charter a perfect day.


Enjoy High-Quality Sailfishing With Our Experienced, Successful Captain

When headed out into the ocean to catch sailfish, your success hugely relies on the captain and crew. Our captain has spent hours learning exactly where to find sailfish and how to help you land them. It means you get to spend more time on the ocean and have the best chance to catch sailfish. No matter if you are new to sailfishing or a seasoned angler, our charters will make fishing fun and a thrillI for you, your friends, and your family.


Islamorada Sailfish Charters — Comfort & Fun At One Place

When planning to go after sailfish in Islamorada, you need to charter a high-quality vessel capable of providing the perfect fishing experience. DirtyBoat provides sailfish charters in Islamorada that you are unlikely to ever forget. We provide highly comfortable and modern sailfish charters, with plenty of comfort and fun.


When you book our charters, you get to go fishing in comfort and luxury. Our charters are equipped with modern facilities, fishing gear, and all other accessories required to catch sailfish.


Book Our Charter For The Dates You Want To Visit Islamorada

DirtyBoat provides sailfish charters to help you catch sailfish in Islamorada. Our fleet is available year-round to take you to the deep water in the ocean to catch sailfish in comfort and fun. To book one of our modern sailfish charters, explore the calendar and choose the date you plan to pursue sailfish in Islamorada. Before you book our charter, make sure to read and understand the information completely.


DirtyBoat invites you on a high-quality, fun, and thrilling sailfish fishing experience in Islamorada.


DirtyBoat Loyalty Program

Once you become a customer of DirtyBoat you will receive 10% off all future bookings with us! Give us a call when you’re ready to go fishing and someone will give you the promo code.

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