Islamorada Swordfish Charters

Islamorada Swordfish Charters


10 hours • 42′ Liberty • Up to 6 people


Swordfishing Charters in Islamorada have become one of the most popular trips and Swordfish have become the most sought after fish in the planet. In the daytime we typically fish depths in the 1400′ – 1800′ range. They are incredibly good eating and they are a great trophy fish. On our swordfish trips we run offshore to Floyd’s Wall.  There’s no guarantee you will catch a swordfish, but you also have a shot at catching some Mahi-mahi, Tuna or maybe even a Wahoo on the way out or on the way in.


We start off our daytime Swordfishing charters in Islamorada by running out to fishing grounds keeping an eye open for any kind of signs of life such as diving birds, floating debris. Diving birds and debris typically are signs of schooling fish such as Mahi-mahi and/or Tuna. When we get out to Swordfish territory, we switch over and start our drops.  Swordfish swim in all water columns but during the daylight hours, they lie down on the bottom, 1400-1800′ deep. Depending on the day and conditions, we can usually get anywhere from 4-6 drops on a standard Swordfishing charter.  To catch them, we deep drop a carefully rigged heavy bait all the way down to the bottom using a 10lb+ pound sinker. When it’s time to head home, hopefully we’ll have a giant Swordfish laying on the deck and we run  the way back home through Mahi-mahi territory, giving us one last chance to catch before we’re done for the day.


DirtyBoat is rigged and ready to with the latest technology to find and catch Swordfish and other deep water species. Our arsenal consists of Lindgren-Pitman SV-1200 Electric Reel, Shimano Tiagra 50W  Hooker Electric Reel, AVET 50W with Dolphin Electric assist, Garmin fish finder and a 3KW transducer. We are able to read fish over 2000′ of water. We have spared no expense gearing up for our Swordfish charters and are ready to go land the big one!


Our split-charter or shared option is an easy and simple way to fulfill your passion for fishing — and at shared cost. We are one of the leading charter service providers in Islamorada.


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